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It's tax season again, just what you didn't want to hear, right? If you always get a refund, your most likely excited, even though you have to prepare your return. However, if your like me, and you generally owe, this time of year is not a great time to look forward to.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret of mine, I have been using these Free Tax Refund Calculator applications for the last several years. So whats the big deal you ask, right?

Well, using these refund tax calculators has made a huge difference for me. Simply put, once I know a good ballpark of where I'm at with Uncle Sam, I put the uncertainty behind me and focus on the task at hand - coming up with my tax payment. Thing is, I stress a lot more not knowing where I am financially with the IRS than I do once I know.

So I have been using these Federal Refund Calculator programs early in the tax season to get my estimated liability, then I adjust my spending habits to ensure I will be ready for the d-day tax deadline on April 15th.

Now I know this is not a magic potion that cures all your problems and stress, but, for me, it has kept me more relaxed and less stresses during the tax season.

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These are the best free tax estimator calculators I have found:

Best of all, as stated, they are FREE to use anytime you want. Truly if you haven't tried one of these, you may be stressing far more than you need to be over your tax situation - hence, the unknown...

I don't foresee a year in the future when I wont use one, since for me, it really has made a difference on how I control spending if I see I am going to owe. Plus, if I'm getting a refund, knowing ahead of time gives me an opportunity to think about how I am going to invest it wisely.

Try one today and see if it doesn't take a little stress off the tax season for you too...